Designed for VIA Furniture Design´s exhibition "Talk Taboos" at Milan Design Week 2019
Death and grief are huge taboos in northern Europe. Despite the fact that we all, probably several times in life, will meet the loss of a close family member or a friend, we don´t talk about our grief. A reality that often leaves the bereaved feeling lonely.
I was driven by a wish to create alternative traditions and rituals in the mourning process that could prevent loneliness and help people cope with the grief by breaking the taboo.
My design is a sustainable urn in oak wood placed on a home altar of oak and sandstone, serving as a memorial or even a memento mori. As a small mourning ritual, you can write with brush and water on the sandstone. Within a few minutes, the writing will disappear, and you can consider the words sent. 
The shape of the urn is inspired by the acorn, which symbolises the Resurrection.  
All the furnitures for "Talk Taboos" exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019
Photographer: Morten Fog

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